Crisis preparedness in easy Swedish

Why crisis and disaster information?

Crisis and disaster! Does it happen in Sweden or is it only somewhere far away?

It could definitely happen in Sweden as well and it does happen.

A crisis affects us all – it might be a forest fire , storms, a pandemic is spreading (like Covid-19 / Corona), flooding or even war.

It is important for everyone in Sweden to understand what happens, if something happens. 

Our aim is to provide information in easy Swedish and guide you to information in different languages.

En bild på megafonen "Hesa Fredrik"

Links to websites about crisis preparedness

Normally we are not aware of when a crisis or disaster will occure or if it will not - BUT we can stay prepared, which give us a much better chance to provide for ourselves and our families
When a crisis happens in our society is it of outmost importance to receive information about what is happening and what you should and can do.
Here you will find different kind of information material about Sweden in the field of crisis preparedness. This material can also be used by you who offers support to asylum seekers and newly arrivals.