Floorball club organizes activities for refugee children

Pojkar spelar innebandy

Ingelstad floorball club organizes, together with the Red Cross, sports for children and young people who fled the war. It is a good example of what the sports associations can do for the refugees, and of the opportunity to collaborate with other associations. It is now also possible for sports clubs to apply for support […]

Help the Church of Sweden filling a truck to Poland

The city of Gdansk is in great need of supplies and has asked Växjö for help. On May 1, the Church of Sweden in Växjö drives a truck to Gdansk, which they ask for help filling. Buy something from the list and submit as below Hand-in at Johanneskyrkan:Friday 29/4 at 15.00-18.00,Saturday 30/4 at 10.00-13.00,Sunday 1/5 […]

Fun together at Mackens vänner

Kvinna med sjal tittar upp från en bok hon läser i. Bredvid sitter en äldre kvinna och bakom en liten pojke.

The highlight of the week is when they get to gather in Växjö to cook together and learn new things. After several years as asylum seekers, they also finally receive instruction in Swedish. The seven asylum seekers who have gathered in the old carpentry behind the Italian Palace in Växjö live in Lessebo. Twice a […]

Collected information for the refugees

En ukrainsk och en svensk flagga.

Informationssverige.se has gathered all the necessary information for people who fled the war in Ukraine. The page is translated into Russian and soon also into Ukrainian. Collected information for refugees from Ukraine in Swedish, Russian and soon Ukrainian Links to information about care, transport and aids in Kronoberg County are gathered here at Kronoberg together. […]

Send aid packages for free to Ukraine The need for food and other goods is great in Ukraine. Now it is possible to send parcels for free to Ukraine with Postnord. Fill the packages with what is most needed: cans, pasta, tea and coffee clothes such as mittens and rainwear toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, sanitary pads […]

Clothes for refugees

Kläder i hög.

The Kronoberg network for Ukraine will be on Stortorget in Växjö on Saturdays, where they distribute clothes to refugees.

New movie about health

Film om hälsa med rubriken Att vara ute i naturen.

ABF Kronoberg has produced films with simple facts for asylum seekers and new arrivals who are all free to use. Now a new film with health information is ready to be shown. Watch the films or gather participants to watch together and then discuss the content. The films are produced by ABF Kronoberg and financed […]

New year, new oppurtunities

Två kvinnor, en med slöja, tittar i en mobiltelefon och ler.

Now starts a new year and thus new activities here at Kronoberg together. You who are an asylum seeker and a newcomer, what do you want for activities to participate in this year? Do you want to play football, cook, find a language café or learn something new? In the calendar here at Kronoberg together, […]

Films about sweden for social orientation

Kvinna ler mot kameran. Sitter vid ett bord tillsammans med andra.

ABF Kronoberg has invested in film to inform about Swedish society and now invites to meetings for discussing the films. They address topics such as work, health and what it is like to live in Sweden. The films may more than happily be used by other organizations. During the corona pandemic, ABF Kronoberg solved its […]

Neighborhood mothers make an important contribution in Araby

Tre kvinnor med gröna sjalar står under ett träd. Bakom dem står en man.

In their green scarves, the district mothers are starting to become a familiar feature at Araby in Växjö. For a few months now, they have been walking around the area to be the support they themselves had needed when they came to Sweden. They also address the concerns about young people and drugs in the […]