Integration in Sweden is about everyone who lives here should feel at home, everyone should have the opportunity to participate, educate themselves, work and be a part of Sweden. That´s integration!

For you who are new in Sweden and in Kronoberg County, it is important to meet other people, learn the language and understand what it is like to live in Sweden. Many organization offers activities for you and they are gathered here.

In the activity calendar you can find help to:

learn Swedish

learn about how Swedish society works

learn what it is like to work in Sweden and how to get a job

learn how to feel better

get homework help for the kids and learn how to get a driver’s license

learn to swim or bike


do something fun and enjoyable with others

Fem personer står på gata med varsin cykel.
If you have received a residence permit and live in a municipality in Kronoberg County, you can sign up for a course in community orientation here.
To improve integration, the County Administrative Board can provide money for activities for new arrivals and asylum seekers. The money can be applied for municipalities and civil society.
Here are statistics on new arrivals and asylum seekers in Kronoberg County.
On the page there are tools to learn more about how Sweden works and to learn Swedish.