Important information when a crisis actually occurs

En på en kvinna med ficklampa i ett annars mörkt rum samt en textad skyltWhen a crisis happens in our society is it of outmost importance to receive information about what is happening and what you should and can do.

Listen to Radio chanel 4 or call 113 13. You can also look at your municipality´s web page or

The Swedish public radio channel 4 act as an emergency channel in situations of crisis


If you live in a city where a strong signal can be heared:

  • go indoors
  • close windovs , doors and ventilation systemstänga fönster, dörrar och ventilation
  • listen to your radio and television for more information on what is happening

The authorities tests the strong signal at 3 pm the first non public holiday Monday in i March, June, September och December.

More information about VMA – Important information for the public


Information of special importance just now

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