Be prepared in case of crisis

Normally we are not aware of when a crisis or disaster will occure or if it will not – BUT we can stay prepared, which give us att much better chance to provide for ourselves and our families.

A crisis might be small or large. We can´t know what will happen, but if we plan to cope with our most important needs for a week – 7 days our chances increase to handle the situation.

A crisis might be:

  • no heating system

  • difficult to store food and cook meals

  • no food and other items in the shops

  • no water indoors

  • no petro to buy

  • pay card and cash machines don´t work

  • no connection for cell phones and no internet

  • buses and trains don´t run

  • hard to find medicines
Kollage med bilder på krissituationer.
Photo: Pixabay and Mostphotos

What can you do?

Sit down with your family and or friends and write a list together on what you and the others can do to be prepared.

  • What do you think you and others will need?

  • Is it your or anyone elses responsibility to arrange what is needed?

  • When and who will do what?

En bild på en plastlåda med mat och vatten

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