Ingelstad floorball club organizes, together with the Red Cross, sports for children and young people who fled the war. It is a good example of what the sports associations can do for the refugees, and of the opportunity to collaborate with other associations. It is now also possible for sports clubs to apply for support from RF-SISU Småland for refugee activities.

In Ingelstad’s sports hall, activity is high after school on Mondays and Thursdays. Many young people and children want to play floorball, football or just play. Volunteers from Ingelstad IBK help the children and in the meantime the parents are offered coffee together with the Red Cross. In order for everyone to be able to participate, Ingelstad floorball club has made a collection of training clothes and indoor shoes that are available to borrow. More information about the activity play and sports in Ingelstad

Seek support for activities

All sports associations that want to make an effort for children and young people who have fled war can apply for support from RF-SISU Småland to create meaningful activities.

Apply for support from RF-SISU Småland for activities for newly arrived children and young people

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